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Natty Lights - Recap

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The first ever North Atlanta Championship - AKA N.Atl Championship | AKA Natty Light - held on Saturday was a TON of fun! Pictures are out and linked below, so I wanted to take the chance to recap while I still remember it well. It was a 5v5 Ultimate tournament under USAU Ultimate 4s ruleset. Volunteers from the Leftovers helped setup the fields and we were able to do the opening ceremony promptly at 8:30. A chorus of kazoos filled the air with the Olympic theme as our runner proudly ran in the torch. After the torch was lit, games started at 9:00.

We had two divisions - Open and Mixed. Open had four teams - Waffle House, Full Send, Finlay's team, and a hat team we called Wild Card. Mixed had three teams - Leftovers, Mamas and Papas, and the hat team (cored by Secret Field) we called Mixed Nuts.

Each division played three, one-hour matches in the morning for tournament seeding. Match play was split into up-to three games. The first two games were played to 5 points and lasted 20 minutes to hard-cap. Some games reached cap, some teams found their points quick. If a team won both games, they won the match. If the teams each won one game, they played a third, 10-minute game, to 3 points. The teams were fairly well matched and the morning was full of great games.

All the teams opted to skip lunch and proceed with the tournament. In Mixed, Leftovers beat Mamas and Papas to enter the finals. In Open, Finlay's team beat out Wild Card and Full Send beat Waffle House to face off in the finals.

The final rounds were CLOSE games! Leftovers took the Mixed division championship over Mamas and Papas. Finlay's team beat out Full Send for the Open championship.

In the FINAL ROUND the divisions matched up to determine OVERALL CHAMPIONS and CONSOLATION CHAMPIONS. Full Send beat Mamas and Papas to secure the CONSOLATION CHAMPIONSHIP and THIRD PLACE OVERALL. Finlay's team put up an AMAZING game but ultimately it was the LEFTOVERS who took the OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Pictures can be found on the google drive, thanks JESS for taking pictures!

Thanks again for making it awesome!

Until next time,


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